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/ˈpeːtər/, n • Security consultant at Atos • Dutch computer geek • Living together with Christina and father of 3 boys • Opinions are my own • He/him

Thank you Apollo 440 for spending 680 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1.

This week RFC8996 titled "Deprecating TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1" was published. Giving software makers the possibility to remove support for these versions from their products. ISC hot take.

As most mornings I listened to the @SANS_ISC StormCast and did some reading up on Flowspec, which is an interesting BGP feature. I really can recommended listening to it -

Interesting attack vector I wasn't aware of. Abusing iPhone calendar subscriptions for fake antivirus advertisement -

Just watched this thorough and detailed video about the various features of . I'm looking forward to this so I signed up. If you also are interested in the game my referral link: or the one in the video. -

"Each individual should feel proud and be authentic regardless of there sexual orientation or gender identity. Let's value the contribution of each individual and take pride in working for a company with diversity as a core value." /credit: @MHPietersen

I've just been called a show off by @ranlevi - 😊

For anyone using @countercept's Snake malware storeage zoo, I've build a interface scale to connect to @abuse_ch's MalwareBazaar -

Great thread and dig through by @fs0c131y: In to the creators of the app used to report results during the -

Word ik wakker met @davemaasland op de TV. Mooi item en inderdaad goed om het groter publiek hier op te wijzen. -

must be underpinned by robust ethics. AI in is as much about what it should do, as what it can do. @ZeinaZakhour discusses the core elements of a security by design approach

Stagering numbers, from January to August 2019, around the world, there were more than 518,223 cases of stalkerware precense detected. -

My @UbisoftUplay password was "2e0eTG180rCdigFh" but because you cannot paste it I changed it to "Ubisoft8" /cc @ubisoftsupport

Attending: Taking Security From Mediocre to Mighty With The MITRE ATT&CK Framework on Brighttalk -

Listening to my daily Podcast list: "welcome to the MONDAY may 3rd 2019 edition of the SANS Stormcast" by @johullrich 😂

"Je kunt je bestelling direct ophalen bij een van de 3.500 oplaad- en ophaalautomaten in Nederland." - Mag ik het huis uit om digitale informatie op te halen. Dit is toch totaal kansloos. /cc @OVchipkaart

Kom ik net tot de ontdekking dat zoon lief de OpenDNS FamilyShield DNS instellingen omzeilt met de Tor Browser. Dat was niet de bedoeling 🤓

Nice writeup by @GossiTheDog, I watched this unfold this afternoon, seeing 215 ETH siphoned off via various Ethereum wallets.