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/ˈpeːtər/, n • Security consultant at Atos • Dutch computer geek • Living together with Christina and father of 3 boys • Opinions are my own • He/him







As most mornings I listened to the @SANS_ISC StormCast and did some reading up on Flowspec, which is an interesting BGP feature. I really can recommended listening to it - https://isc.sans.edu/podcast.html

Interesting attack vector I wasn't aware of. Abusing iPhone calendar subscriptions for fake antivirus advertisement - https://srcr.nl/2020/iphone-calendar-abuse

Just watched this thorough and detailed video about the various features of . I'm looking forward to this so I signed up. If you also are interested in the game my referral link: https://ashesofcreation.com/r/TPGEMES35L5CC22D or the one in the video. - https://youtu.be/1s82xJnx1EY

"Each individual should feel proud and be authentic regardless of there sexual orientation or gender identity. Let's value the contribution of each individual and take pride in working for a company with diversity as a core value." /credit: @MHPietersen

I've just been called a show off by @ranlevi - https://malicious.life/episode/episode-81/ 😊

For anyone using @countercept's Snake malware storeage zoo, I've build a interface scale to connect to @abuse_ch's MalwareBazaar - https://github.com/srcr/malwarebazaar-scale

Great thread and dig through by @fs0c131y: In to the creators of the app used to report results during the - https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1224628685808066565.html

Word ik wakker met @davemaasland op de TV. Mooi item en inderdaad goed om het groter publiek hier op te wijzen. - https://nos.nl/artikel/2314365-laadpassen-elektrische-auto-s-zijn-moeiteloos-te-kopieren.html

must be underpinned by robust ethics. AI in is as much about what it should do, as what it can do. @ZeinaZakhour discusses the core elements of a security by design approach https://atos.net/en/blog/security-by-design-the-new-cyber-security-paradigm

Stagering numbers, from January to August 2019, around the world, there were more than 518,223 cases of stalkerware precense detected. - https://securelist.com/the-state-of-stalkerware-in-2019/93634

My @UbisoftUplay password was "2e0eTG180rCdigFh" but because you cannot paste it I changed it to "Ubisoft8" /cc @ubisoftsupport

Attending: Taking Security From Mediocre to Mighty With The MITRE ATT&CK Framework on Brighttalk - https://www.isc2.org/News-and-Events/Webinars/EMEA-Webinars?commid=360733&utm_campaign=Twitter&a...

Listening to my daily Podcast list: "welcome to the MONDAY may 3rd 2019 edition of the SANS Stormcast" by @johullrich 😂

"Je kunt je bestelling direct ophalen bij een van de 3.500 oplaad- en ophaalautomaten in Nederland." - Mag ik het huis uit om digitale informatie op te halen. Dit is toch totaal kansloos. /cc @OVchipkaart

Kom ik net tot de ontdekking dat zoon lief de OpenDNS FamilyShield DNS instellingen omzeilt met de Tor Browser. Dat was niet de bedoeling 🤓

Nice writeup by @GossiTheDog, I watched this unfold this afternoon, seeing 215 ETH siphoned off via various Ethereum wallets. https://doublepulsar.com/hijack-of-amazons-internet-domain-service-used-to-reroute-web-traffic-for-t...

Vanmorgen in dichte 🌫 naar werk gereden. Zeker 20 auto's gezien met alleen dagrijverlichting. Mensen wees toch zichtbaar. /cc @POL_DeMarne