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must be underpinned by robust ethics. AI in is as much about what it should do, as what it can do. @ZeinaZakhour discusses the core elements of a security by design approach https://atos.net/en/blog/security-by-design-the-new-cyber-security-paradigm

@xme Interesting stuff, tell some more on what you use to do the indexing and how you keep it going searching more content.

@NS_Online Ik heb een betaalde 'vouchers voor Dagje uit naar keuze' in m'n mail gekregen die ik niet besteld heb. Kunnen jullie daar iets mee.

Rian van Rijbroek blijft een bijzonder verhaal(/soap). Het is alleen erg jammer van de schade die ze aanricht, zoals aan @centric_nl /cc @envirosec @UID_

Messing around with MVS 3.8j

Messing around with MVS 3.8j

Installed Hercules on my server and downloaded MVS 3.8j TK4- OS/VS2 mainframe software and stared messing arround.

I hade a few challenges allong the way, apparently my FreeBSD server doesn't understand the variables in de hercules scripts. But after fixing that able to boot the mainframe.

Next challenge is to customize it a little, so have changed the system ID to DEVI, which means reformating the jes2 spool dasd.

And changing the logon screen which means adjusting the SYS2.CNTL(TK4-LOGO) assembly file and submitting it to rebuild and relink the NETSOL tool.


@jrSYSPROG I'm a total OS/VS2 , but perhaps you can help me out. how do I create a backup copy of a record in a dataset?

@josephfcox Maybe a silly question, but how is everybody so sure this is done by Phineas Fisher

Replied to a post on github.com :


Pwnagotchi version 1.2.1
Type of hardware rpi0w, inkyphat

Just my 2 cents just upgraded to 1.2.1, and found the issue as described.

Replied to a post on github.com :

Yes I noticed. I have created a delta PostgreSQL file to create the full database, but still it fails due to other issues for some reason in MySQL you can add true + true + true to make 3.

`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add" + "Role"."perm_modify" + "Role"."perm_publish" = 3) THEN '3'
PostgreSQL could be:
`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add"::int + "Role"."perm_modify"::int + "Role"."perm_publish"::int = 3) THEN '3'`
Or perhaps:
`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add" AND "Role"."perm_modify" AND "Role"."perm_publish") THEN '3'`

This is at line 47 of Role.php

Delta PostgreSQL is here:

Replied to a post on github.com :

I'm running into the same issue, but as a manual fix you could add the missing 3 columns with this query :

psql -U misp -d misp

alter table servers
add column skip_proxy SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
add column caching_enabled SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
add column priority BIGINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;