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Replied to a post on github.com :


Pwnagotchi version 1.2.1
Type of hardware rpi0w, inkyphat

Just my 2 cents just upgraded to 1.2.1, and found the issue as described.

torishima-qa[.]com - OVH SAS AS16276 who else /cc @DrStache_

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Yes I noticed. I have created a delta PostgreSQL file to create the full database, but still it fails due to other issues for some reason in MySQL you can add true + true + true to make 3.

`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add" + "Role"."perm_modify" + "Role"."perm_publish" = 3) THEN '3'
PostgreSQL could be:
`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add"::int + "Role"."perm_modify"::int + "Role"."perm_publish"::int = 3) THEN '3'`
Or perhaps:
`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add" AND "Role"."perm_modify" AND "Role"."perm_publish") THEN '3'`

This is at line 47 of Role.php

Delta PostgreSQL is here:

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I'm running into the same issue, but as a manual fix you could add the missing 3 columns with this query :

psql -U misp -d misp

alter table servers
add column skip_proxy SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
add column caching_enabled SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
add column priority BIGINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;

Stagering numbers, from January to August 2019, around the world, there were more than 518,223 cases of stalkerware precense detected. - https://securelist.com/the-state-of-stalkerware-in-2019/93634

Replied to a post on github.com :

I'm trying to load the firmware from the dist directory to my micro:bit but this keeps failing.
Off course I'm in maintenance mode and i have switched back and forth between the original firmware versions 0250 en 0253.

This is the .hex file I'm loading:

Name: btlejack-firmware-microbit.hex
Size: 470092 bytes (459 KiB)
SHA256: FE61EEF08BC64E4898CC9ABE047465A3B17A536BCFD39233FA2398B1654AA989

after dropping it on the storage the micro:bit resets and restarts in maintenance mode.
At this point I see the FAIL.TXT on the storage with the following content:

The hex file you dropped isn't compatible with this mode or device. Are you in MAINTENANCE mode? See HELP FAQ.HTM

My micro:bit has version v1.3 B on the print.

Any advice would be appreciated.

@virtualabs I'm trying to load your bltejack firmware on my micro:bit but it keeps giving me a FAIL.TXT telling me the .hex isn't compatible. Have any suggestions?

@pseudohvr Hey Harrison, I like the new logo. I really think I need to have that sticker on my laptop. could you send me, a loyal podcast listener, one so I can show it off?

My @UbisoftUplay password was "2e0eTG180rCdigFh" but because you cannot paste it I changed it to "Ubisoft8" /cc @ubisoftsupport

DNS-over-HTTPS in the Pi-hole

1 min read

On the Raspberry pi install the dnss package

apt install dnss

Edit the settings to make it listsn on port 5053, normally it listens on 53

vi /etc/systemd/system/sockets.target.wants/dnss.socket

# Sockets for dnss.
# This lets dnss run unprivileged.
# We typically want one UDP and one TCP socket.



And restart the service, because the pi-hole is running starting probably failed right after installation, port 53 is in use

systemctl restart dnss.socket

In the Pi-hole admin web interface under settings find the tab DNS and adjust the upstream DNS Server to the dnss installation

Pi-Hole - Upstream DNS Servers

And we're good to go. dnss uses by default dns.google.com.