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Replied to a post on github.com :

Yes I noticed. I have created a delta PostgreSQL file to create the full database, but still it fails due to other issues for some reason in MySQL you can add true + true + true to make 3.

`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add" + "Role"."perm_modify" + "Role"."perm_publish" = 3) THEN '3'
PostgreSQL could be:
`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add"::int + "Role"."perm_modify"::int + "Role"."perm_publish"::int = 3) THEN '3'`
Or perhaps:
`CASE WHEN ("Role"."perm_add" AND "Role"."perm_modify" AND "Role"."perm_publish") THEN '3'`

This is at line 47 of Role.php

Delta PostgreSQL is here: