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Replied to a post on github.com :

I'm trying to load the firmware from the dist directory to my micro:bit but this keeps failing.
Off course I'm in maintenance mode and i have switched back and forth between the original firmware versions 0250 en 0253.

This is the .hex file I'm loading:

Name: btlejack-firmware-microbit.hex
Size: 470092 bytes (459 KiB)
SHA256: FE61EEF08BC64E4898CC9ABE047465A3B17A536BCFD39233FA2398B1654AA989

after dropping it on the storage the micro:bit resets and restarts in maintenance mode.
At this point I see the FAIL.TXT on the storage with the following content:

The hex file you dropped isn't compatible with this mode or device. Are you in MAINTENANCE mode? See HELP FAQ.HTM

My micro:bit has version v1.3 B on the print.

Any advice would be appreciated.