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Started playing Magic the Gathering, my first FNM draft event.

Friday 20-07-2018 19:00

De Purperen Draak

86a, Nieuwe Ebbingestraat, Hortusbuurt, Groningen, Nederland, 9712NP, Nederland

During draft part I tried to build a red/black deck, in retrospect I probably should have added a few more low mana creatures but for a first it was a decent deck. 

During FNM you play 3 rounds.

  • 0 - 2; Lost against Jeroen with his all green deck, I made a silly mistake to leave out 4 resource cards, I only took 13 instead of 17.
  • 0 - 2; Lost against Andi(?)  lost because had use Switcheroo on me turning my Bogstomer on me.
  • 2 - 0; Won my son Roan, he is as new as I am concerning Magic, but a bit to eager to fight, so he is not keeping his defenses up. But he put up a good fight.

All in all I had a great evening yesterday.