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Magic the Gathering, Prerelease Guilds of Ravnica.

Saturday 29-09-2018 10:00

De Purperen Draak

86a, Nieuwe Ebbingestraat, Hortusbuurt, Groningen, Nederland, 9712NP, Nederland

My first prerelease in Magic. So I already started with a red/blue wizards deck so to expand on that I choose to go with the Izzet guild. I'm still not a expert on building dec during drafts, so I had a hard time building a strong Izzet deck, but I also had no real alternatives in other guild. I was happy though with my Risk Factor promo.


  • 0-2; lost 
  • 0-2; lost from my son Roan
  • 0-2; lost
  • 0-2; lost from Sander
  • 0-2; lost from Ryan