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Magic the Gathering, my first FNM standard event.

Friday 10-08-2018 19:00

De Purperen Draak

86a, Nieuwe Ebbingestraat, Hortusbuurt, Groningen, Nederland, 9712NP, Nederland

My first standard tournament due to only 7 players we played 3 rounds.

  • 2-0; Won the first round agains my son Roan, my deck seems to be preform better than his deck at the moment.
  • 2-0; Won from Mick, he has a pretty strong deck, which was proven in the casual game after the two official games, but he couldn't get a proper hand in the two office rounds. So I won.
  • 0-2; Lost from Joep, Joep is a very seasoned player and played pro at onetime so I can lose with honour :)

So during this tournement gathered 6 points and won two M19 booster packs.

Also achieved the Format Novice achievement because I also was written down for the commander release event that took place.