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Zolt - Daily news summaries for the US

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As request to me by Nick Wyatt I gave the app Zolt a try.

Zolt lets you quickly skim through the they daily news by reading 500 news sources and currating the best stories and summarizing them in sixty words. All these stories are presented via simple to read cards that you can quickly swipe through. Also the app lets you create your personal newsfeed, so If you like technology and sports you can include those in your personal feed and read that and stay up to date.

So after trying Zolt for a short time I must say I really like the minimalistic design and technical implementation. Also the sharing options from the app are great being able to us the shout icon and respond to the post with a text, drawing or photo is a nice feature. For me the biggest drawback is the content.

Zolt is clearly a US minded application and you will find this clearly in the news items. Even in the international section 8 out of the 10 news stories is about the US. So for me as someone from Europe this doesn't forfill my need for news en though the presentation and ease of consuming the content is great.

If you want to give it a try yourself the app is available for free on both Android and iOS.