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Bacula Storage daemon for Readynas Duo

1 min read

I couple of days ago I found that the old bacula-sd daemon was no longer accepting backups from my central backup server. The Backup server runs version 7.0.4 and the storage daemon was still 5.0.3

Because building is a bit tricky I wanted to share the basic steps to the get this done.

  • Download the Qemu development environment from Readynas Forum.
  • Download the PostgreSQL version used on the director, build and install PostgreSQL

            cd postgresql

            ./configure && make && make install

  • Download the matching Bacula and build and install it in a dummy root directory

            cd bacula

            ./configure --enable-build-dird=no --with-postgresql=/usr/local/pgsql


            make install DESTDIR=/root/dummy

  • The complete install tree should now be in /root/dummy I trimmed this to only hold bacula-sd and bacula-fd but if you need more tools on the readynas you can keep them in here.
  • The final step is to copy everything to the Readynas. my preferred method is via a a tar archive