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(ˈpiːtə(r)), n, Dutch Computer geek, Father of 3, Living together with @Chrizzzz, security specialist at @Atos, CISSP, Opinions are my own.








Magic the Gathering, my first FNM standard event.

Friday 10-08-2018 19:00

De Purperen Draak

86a, Nieuwe Ebbingestraat, Hortusbuurt, Groningen, Nederland, 9712NP, Nederland

My first standard tournament due to only 7 players we played 3 rounds.

  • 2-0; Won the first round agains my son Roan, my deck seems to be preform better than his deck at the moment.
  • 2-0; Won from Mick, he has a pretty strong deck, which was proven in the casual game after the two official games, but he couldn't get a proper hand in the two office rounds. So I won.
  • 0-2; Lost from Joep, Joep is a very seasoned player ans played pro at onetime so I can lose with honour :)

So during this tournement gathered 6 points and won two M19 booster packs.

Also achieved the Format Novice achievement because I also was written down for the commander release event that took place.

Started playing Magic the Gathering, my first FNM draft event.

Friday 20-07-2018 19:00

De Purperen Draak

86a, Nieuwe Ebbingestraat, Hortusbuurt, Groningen, Nederland, 9712NP, Nederland

During draft part I tried to build a red/black deck, in retrospect I probably should have added a few more low mana creatures but for a first it was a decent deck. 

During FNM you play 3 rounds.

  • 0 - 2; Lost against Jeroen with his all green deck, I made a silly mistake to leave out 4 resource cards, I only took 13 instead of 17.
  • 0 - 2; Lost against Andi(?)  lost because had use Switcheroo on me turning my Bogstomer on me.
  • 2 - 0; Won my son Roan, he is as new as I am concerning Magic, but a bit to eager to fight, so he is not keeping his defenses up. But he put up a good fight.

All in all I had a great evening yesterday.


Kom ik net tot de ontdekking dat zoon lief de OpenDNS FamilyShield DNS instellingen omzeilt met de Tor Browser. Dat was niet de bedoeling 🤓

Nice writeup by @GossiTheDog, I watched this unfold this afternoon, seeing 215 ETH siphoned off via various Ethereum wallets. https://doublepulsar.com/hijack-of-amazons-internet-domain-service-used-to-reroute-web-traffic-for-t...

Replied to a post on github.com :

Would it be an idea to do the same for the file Idno/Pages/Service/Security/CSRFToken.php line 16, this one is still generating CSRF token debug info.

@NOS een oeps momentje?

@johullrich in todays Stormcast show notes you mention "How to Breack Encryption" I'm pretty sure that there is a 'c' to much in break.

Vanmorgen in dichte 🌫 naar werk gereden. Zeker 20 auto's gezien met alleen dagrijverlichting. Mensen wees toch zichtbaar. /cc @POL_DeMarne

CPE Webcasts and Podcasts

1 min read

Since I'm a certified CISSP I need to reach my yearly CPE goal. For this I watch and listen to various web- and podcast. At the moment this is what is on my diet.

Stormcast, Daily Information Security Podcast - Stormcasts are daily 5-10 minute information security threat updates from the SANS Internet Storm Center.

Digital Shadows ShadowTalk - Digital Shadows monitors and manages an organization’s digital risk, providing relevant threat intelligence across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep, and dark web to protect their brand, and reputation.

Troy Hunt's Weekly update - Troy Hunt is the owner of Have I been pwned? (HIBP), blogger, Microsoft regional director and MVP and speaks at security events and give security training.

Paul’s Security Weekly - Weekly security roundup by the security weekly team discussing the security high- and lowlights.

FireEye State of The Hack - Weekly (?) show by FireEye with your update of the various APT and FIN groups.

Hi @UbisoftSupport, concerning the disabling of pasting my password into the iOS app, I want to point you to the following site https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/blog-post/let-them-paste-passwords

@AnkerOfficial you make it sound like these 2 are mutual exclusive.