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Thank you Apollo 440 for spending 680 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1.

Personal notes migrated to Joplin

1 min read

I was puzzling for a while how to handle my personal notes, primarly in the terminal in the various systems, jsut being able to find certain procedures I use to upgrade which I can't remember from memory.

As an additional issue I still had my personal notes included in Microsoft Onenote and had the notes file stored on my owncloud instance.

So after browsing around I found Joplin which covers most of my needs, the only thing is that Joplin works best if you know Markdown, which basically I do, but this could be a limitation.

So for now this is my personal notes solution having the Windows app installed on 3 workstations, my iPhone and on 2 unix systems. 

This week RFC8996 titled "Deprecating TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1" was published. Giving software makers the possibility to remove support for these versions from their products. ISC hot take.